Climate Change Resilience: Governance and Reforms

In what contexts are climate change resilience-related choices made?  How are conflicts that arise in these contexts resolve?  What creative steps are communities taking to build appropriate governance structures in response to climate change and natural/man-made disasters?

To answer the above questions, Dr. James Nachbaur, Dr. Elise Lipkowitz, Dr. Irina Feygina (fellow AAAS Fellows) and I organized a two-day summit, Climate Change Resilience: Governance and Reforms, for government officials and staff, community groups and civil society, academics, corporate leaders and journalists interested in the governance issues raised by climate change.  

In sessions addressing preparedness and resilience actions, conflict resolution, corporate regulation, water system resiliency in the American West, and disaster thinking, among others, esteemed speakers such as Gar Alperovitz, David Orr, David Titley, Harriet Tregoning, Michael Dorsey, and from the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of The White House, the US EPA, US DOE, and the Georgetown Climate Center challenged each other and summit participants with tough questions and articulate answers.  

Here is the summit program, and below are videos from the summit.